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Math Tutoring and SAT Prep Boca Raton, FL



- Lisa, Mother of Matt 

        "Taly has  helped my son increase his SAT score by 400 points and his ACT score by

            8    points and finally he got   into the University of Florida. Thank you for all your help

            and    hard    work.  You definitely exceeded our expectations!”

  - Sharon, Mother of Loren

     "Taly Cotler  helped my daughter prepare for the  Math Section of the GRE and with just  

             a   few    lessons, my daughter's quantitative score was increased by 9 points.   I'm very  

             happy   with our decision to use Tutor To Excel. "

  - Tali, Mother of Tamar

        "Taly is an amazing tutor! We hired her to tutor our daughter who was struggling with

            Calculus Honors. Taly made the material very easy to understand and retain. Thanks to

            Taly's approach and teaching skills, our daughter was bumped from Calculus Honors to

           AP    Calculus in a short time and earned a B in AP Calculus. Highly recommended!"

        - Virginia, Mother of V.

          "Taly is a wonderful tutor! She prepared my son thoroughly for the SSAT, and the end

              result is that he has been awarded an academic scholarship at his desired school!"

  - Ken, Father of John

         "There is no way John would have gotten a 93% on his Algebra 2 final and an A as a final

           grade  up from a low C. We are so grateful for the  help we received from Tutor To Excel.”

  - Pam, Mother of Jonathan

           "Thank you for the expertise and the help that Academy 4 Achievement  provided  my  son    to

               master    his    Geometry class.  The experience we have had has only been positive and the

               results    show,   not  just in grades, but also in motivation and  self-confidence."

           THANK YOU!


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                   ACT and SAT Scores of recent students


Many happy students from the following schools: 

Spanish River High School

West Boca High School

Olympic Heights High School

Boca Raton Community High School

Donna Klein Jewish Academy

American Heritage

Pinecrest School

Cypress Bay High School

Western High School

North Broward Preparatory

and more...

What is SAT/ACT Prep

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