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Escalating Applications & Rising Competition: College Planning Advice

By: Taly Cotler | Last Updated: 4/18/2024

There is a significant increase in college applications submitted these days and as a result, there is rising competition. When applying to college, we offer the following advice:

Do NOT avoid taking the SAT or ACT! Take one of these tests, since data suggest that colleges – even those that are test-optional – favor students who submit scores with their applications!


Many universities that were test-optional during Covid are now requiring SAT/ACT scores from applicants. Because there are still universities that offer test-optional admissions, more students who may not have previously applied, will apply. More students will apply to more and more colleges, making admissions decisions extremely tough for schools.

Escalating applications means fewer students will be accepted because colleges do not have many more freshman spaces available than they did in the past. Acceptance rates at many universities have plummeted so low and we expect these acceptance rates to continue to drop.

Given the substantial increase in college applications and admission selectivity, we urge students to create a more conservative college list and add extra safety schools to their list.

So, begin researching and visiting colleges early enough, develop a stellar academic record, and take an active leadership role in some of your extracurriculars.

Need guidance on college application process? Let us help your student gain the confidence and skills needed to become the best candidate when applying. Contact us at 561-235-3677 or message us at

We offer the following college advising services

·         Academic Planning

·         Extracurricular Development

·         College List Creation

·         Personal Essay Drafting & Editing

·         Review College Applications

·         Internship and Research Programs

·         Scholarships & Financial Planning


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