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"The online course that I took with Academy 4 achievement was very efficient and well planned. Each module targets a specific area in all sections of the ACT allowing me to improve quickly. My composite score went up by 5 points and my English and Math scores were improved by 7 points – something that I never thought I would be able to do."

-Katie, New York

"I used academy 4 achievement based on a recommendation of a friend who used them. When I started my studying I had almost no knowledge about the SAT and went through a very steep learning curve with their online course. The course  was incredibly helpful and allowed me to improve very quickly, eventually ending up with an increase of 270 points  in my total score - far better than anything I would’ve expected when I started."

- Alex, North Carolina

"I cannot thank you enough for all the support and help in preparing for the GRE. Not only that my overall score improved significantly but improvement in the Quantitative section was amazing in such a short space of time. The prep course exceeded my expectations."

- Sandi, Texas


"Academy 4 Achievement exceeded my expectations! My daughter needed to increase her Math and English score by a total of 180 points. By taking their SAT prep course, she passed the benchmark she wanted to achieve. She increased her score by 240 points - a score she never thought she could reach. Highly recommended! "

- Amy, Florida 

"I highly recommend taking Academy 4 Achievement ACT prep course. My son's score improved significantly to a 34 and along with his high GPA, he was qualified to receive a full-tuition scholarship. Thank you Taly Cotler for all your support, guidance, and commitment throughout the process. My son would have not succeeded that much without your help.”

- Jonathan, Colorado

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Former students were recently accepted or still attending the following universities:

University of Florida 

Florida State University 

University of Central Florida

University of Miami

Duke University

University of California (LA)

University of Southern California

Northwestern University

University of Virginia

University of Michigan

New York University

American University

Boston University

University of Colorado 

Penn State University

University of Pennsylvania 

University of Texas 

Tulane University

Washington University 

Georgetown University 

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