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Top Notch College Counseling Services

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Get into your dream school with us!

We provide full support and Guidance through the College Admission Process

College Admission Counseling Services

  • Academic Planning

  • Extracurricular Development

  • College List Creation

  • Personal Essay Drafting & Editing

  • Review College Applications

  • Internship and Research Programs

  • Scholarships

  • Assistance with Financial Aid

  • College Financial Planning

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At Academy4Achievement, we support students through each step of the college admissions process. We will provide college counseling and guide you through academic planning, extracurricular development, college list creation, personal essay drafting and editing, applying to scholarships, assistance with financial aid, and getting accepted into your best-match college. While no college adviser can make guarantees, students who have worked with us have been exceedingly successful at gaining admittance to their sought-after schools. Other than offering assistance in the admission process to undergraduate studies, we also provide counseling to Graduate programs as well as medical and dental schools. 

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 We offer a Comprehensive College Planning Program

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"I cannot thank you enough, Academy for all the support and help in getting accepted into my dream school. I am grateful for all your guidance and support through every step of the college admission process. It definitely exceeded my expectations and I recommend you to every one of my friends!"

- Josh, Ohio 

Former students were accepted into the following universities

University of Florida 

Florida State University 

University of Central Florida

University of Miami

Duke University

University of California (LA)

Brown University

Cornell University

University of Chicago

University of Virginia

University of Michigan

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New York University

American University

Boston University

University of Colorado 

Penn State University

University of Pennsylvania 

University of Texas 

Vanderbilt University

Washington University 

Georgetown University 


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