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Computer Sciences & Technology 

Have your student take our computer sciences course to gain extensive knowledge about all areas of technology and develop Problem Solving and critical reasoning skills. Register with us today! Space is limited!


Learn about all areas of technology from a former software engineer. 

Computer Sciences courses include:  

  • Introduction to logic

  • Critical thinking & reasoning 

  • Mathematical & Binary concepts  

  • Fundamental concepts of Computers 

  • Computer Programming 

  • Database design & management

  • Data analytics

  • Structured Query language

  • and more.

Our Computer Sciences courses are self-paced and could be started at any time.  They include lectures, assignments, and unlimited 1 on 1 tutoring. We offer basic, intermediate, and advanced courses.

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Taly Cotler


Taly Cotler, the founder, and owner of Academy 4 Achievement is a former software engineer who has an extensive and professional background in technology. She is also a certified teacher who specialized in high-level Mathematics and Computer sciences.  With the combination of her broad and diversified Information Technology and Mathematics experience, she developed computer sciences courses that are excellent enrichment programs for high school students.   

​She uses innovative and effective teaching techniques that are based on the dominance of the Right-Left hemispheres of the brain which help students reach their full potential and beyond.  For high-achieving students, who want to excel and leverage their knowledge and academic success, we offer an advanced course. However, basic and intermediate enrichment programs are available as well. 


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