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About Taly Cotler, the owner of Academy 4 Achievement

Taly Cotler, the founder, and owner of Academy 4 Achievement has a broad and diversified educational background in both Computer Sciences and Mathematics.  After leaving her long-time position as a Software Engineer, she decided to pursue her passion to teach so she acquired a teaching certificate in High-level Mathematics and Computer Sciences.

Having an extensive educational and professional background in Information Technology and Mathematics has helped her develop unique and effective teaching techniques. Those which are based on the dominance of the Right-Left hemispheres of the brain which help students reach their full potential and beyond.  

Since 1997, she has helped high school and college students excel in Math and Standardized testing.  She has used innovative and effective teaching strategies conveying the material in a simplified manner. With her teaching methods and style, she has helped her students achieve immediate results and made a significant improvement in their scores/grades.

Taly Cotler online highschool Academy

Taly Cotler has earned a superb reputation for

offering quality, thorough, and top notch courses 

Taly developed outstanding online courses combining her decades of teaching experience. Her innovative teaching strategies work with students of all levels and learning styles.

She integrates logic and problem-solving skills into her courses and her students benefit from her educational background and extensive experience. The students benefit from excelling in Mathematics, scoring high on their standardized testing as well as acquiring critical thinking skills. 

Online courses are available in: SAT and ACT Preparation, Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Geometry, Trigonometry, Statistics, Computer Sciences as well as GMAT and GRE preparation. Our online courses can be accessed nationally and internationally.  Virtual tutoring is also available in test prep, Math, Computer Sciences, and all other subjects.

Technology courses for high school students
GRE Prep course in the US

Our courses include material explained in a simplified manner that will guide you through flexible and independent yet interactive and dynamic study. 

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