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SAT/ACT Prep courses 

Our comprehensive test-prep program
will help you

score better and
have a brighter future! 

top-rated SAT prep course in the US

It is highly recommended to take the SAT/ACT test as many universities are currently re-instating standardized testing and require them for admissions. Increase your chances of receiving a scholarship and getting into the university of your choice by taking the SAT or the ACT. 

Our test prep programs include 1 on 1 Virtual Tutoring.

SAT Prep

ACT Prep

Course includes:

  • Reading

  • Language & Writing

  • Essay

  • Mathematics







Course includes:

  • Reading

  • English

  • Essay

  • Science

  • Mathematics






Students who take our courses see immediate and remarkable results. The average increase in SAT score is 250 points and the average increase in ACT score is 5 points. Contact us today to schedule a course demo! 

SAT tutoring

SAT/ACT Test Prep Options

ACT tutoring


 We currently offer a 2, 3, 4 months Test-Prep Program with 1-on-1 virtual tutoring 

 * Most of our students score at least 1,400 on the SAT and 30 on the ACT *

​​      Each Test-Prep program includes:

  • SAT or ACT Prep Course

  • 1-on-1 Virtual Tutoring

  • Unlimited Access to courses & resources

  • Practice tests/Assignments

  • Takes at own pace

  • Full guidance throughout

  • Flexible hours & starting date 

***  Tutoring by the hour is also available  ***

     If a shorter or longer program is needed, let us know

    *** Hurry! Space is limited!

top scores SAT prep courses

"Academy 4 Achievement exceeded my expectations! My daughter needed to increase her Math and English score by a total of 180 points. By taking their SAT prep course, she passed the benchmark she wanted to achieve. She increased her score by 240 points - a score she never thought she could reach. Highly recommended! "

-  Grace, Florida 

best SAT Prep program

Regardless of which test is selected, the student should           be fully committed when preparing for the test!



ACT Score is out of 36

SAT Score is out of 1600 

The Math section in both tests cover material from 6 different courses (Algebra1, Algebra2, Pre-Calculus, Geometry, Trigonometry, Statistics)

The ACT includes: 4 sections:  English, Math, Reading, Science. 

The SAT includes: Reading, Writing and Language, 2 sections of Math (one with a calculator and one without).  

Reading Section

SAT - Vocabulary and more advanced critical reading skills.

ACT - more straightforward but much faster.

Math Section

SAT - Basic Algebra, Geometry, a few advanced concepts, more graphs

ACT - topics covered on the SAT + more advanced topics and Trigonometry

English Section

Both tests cover basic and advanced grammatical skills


Science Section

ACT - Reading comprehension, charts and graphs.

SAT - No Science section.


SAT - is more complex and requires critical thinking skills.

ACT - is More straightforward but much faster. 

*  Essay is optional for both tests.



Q:  When to start preparing for the SAT or ACT ?

A:  The sooner the better.  Studies have shown that students who start preparing in advance score higher.  I recommend to start preparing in Mid year of 10th grade and be fully prepared to take either one of the tests by the end of the summer before 11th grade.  

Q:  Do universities prefer one test over the other ?

A:  Universities have no preference and they accept scores from both tests.

Q: How many times should a student take the SAT or ACT ? 

A:  A student can take the tests as many times as possible until the desired score is achieved.  A student can then choose which scores to submit to the universities he/she applies to.    

Q:  Does a student need to be strong in Science to be able to complete the Science Section in the ACT ?

A:   Very basic knowledge of Science is required.  The Science Section on the ACT actually tests your data analysis skills.  In other words, it tests your ability to find trends and patterns when analyzing data presented in graphs and charts.  

Q:  How many hours should be spent to prepare for the ACT or SAT? 

A:  Other than taking our ACT/SAT Prep course, I recommend spending at least 100-150 hours preparing for either test including taking 5-6 full practice exams for a period of 2-3 months.  

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