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Top 4 Tips to Prepare for the SAT

Updated: Apr 30, 2023

We recommend start preparing for the SAT at least 2-3 months in advance to allow enough time to fully prepare for the test. When preparing and practicing for the SAT, we recommend to allocate time to prepare on a daily basis. First create a study plan/calendar that includes daily tasks, such as: taking practice tests, memorize the math formulas, and review test taking strategies. Set yourself realistic goals, and make sure to take plenty of practice tests in test-like conditions that are timed and completed in one sitting. It is recommended to take 1 full practice test per week. On the other days, you could take section tests as much as your time allows.

Remember that while the SAT allows more time per section than the ACT, it is also known for being the more confusing test. With practice, however, you will gain familiarity with the test and have the confidence needed to score high on the test. Here are some of the best prep tips and methods to help you get ready for the test.

SAT Study Tips

1. Utilize Test Prep Resources

If you’re having difficulty with a concept, there’s likely plenty of information that can help you. You can Google it or ask an SAT tutor for assistance. In terms of online resources, both College Board and Khan Academy have assembled a lot of great, free materials and tools to help you prepare for the test. Keep in mind that we also offer extensive resources that are available to our students 24-7. Contact us at 561-235-3677 to inquire.

2. Read, Read and Read more.

The best way to prepare for the reading section of the SAT and to improve your vocabulary is to read as much and as often as you can. We know you already have plenty of obligations with academic and textbook reading, but do your best to to read materials that interest you even newspaper or magazine articles.

3. Work on your Reading Speed

As you read more, you will naturally increase your reading speed, and that’s a big advantage on timed tests. However, keep in mind, that even if you are a fast reader, you may just want to try to scan through the passage and look for important keywords that will help you understand the passage without even fully reading it. We recommend to scan through the passage and just focus more on the meaningful words.

4. Take practice tests

We recommend practicing to the SAT on a daily basis. For example, do at least one reading or writing/grammar passage or one Math section on daily. In addition, memorize all Math formulas on a daily basis. That is crucial to being successful on the test, because to solve each question, you would generally need to apply at least 2-3 math formulas/concepts to solve it. Then once a week take 1 full practice test in one sitting.

Remember to call us if you need any help with your SAT test prep. Our experts have helped thousands of students in improving their scores for the past 25 years. Good luck!

Need help preparing for any standardized tests (SAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT) or guidance about the college application process? We offer all kinds of support, such as: group and private tutoring. Contact us at 561-235-3677 or message us at

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